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Car Wraps Just Got Easier

Camaro on Restyler Ramp - Race Ramps by Brute Technologies

Car Wraps Just Got Easier with Our New Restyler Ramp Is paint dead? Well, according to installers of car wraps, paint very well might be hanging on by a thread. However, we’re not here to weigh in on that debate, but our observation of the rise of the car wrap industry was certainly eye opening. The Restyler Ramp Is DevelopedRead the Rest…

A New Kind of Curve: Corvettes at Carlisle

Corvette Banked Ramps - Race Ramps

Our new “banked ramps” made its debut at the recent 2014 Corvettes at Carlisle event. Settling in at the GM Exhibit, a stunning Stingray demonstrated these ramps for the first time. While we will have more details of the product to come in the near future – including what its formal name will be – we wanted to give allRead the Rest…

Autoweek Gives Us Love in DIY Issue

Autoweek DIY Issue August 2014

Thumbing through the latest issue of Autoweek and discovering our 56″ Car Service Ramps in an article on how to “Outfit Your Garage” was a great highlight this week. The current issue which centers around the DIY theme is certainly right up our alley. Our history, the source for the creation of Race Ramps was inspired when our owner, RichRead the Rest…

I wanted to let you know that your ramps are the best!!! They are lightweight, easy to store, and very safe. Awesome products. -- Hank B.